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Long Version of Plot

It is about David, a 17-year-old who goes to school. 

He has a best friend, they know since kindergarden. 

His friend Lisa, is 16 years old. They both go to the same school. 

The teachers wanted to show the kids how the people where living in the past, so they making a school trip. 

The Teachers normally don’t allow boys and girls in one room. But David and Lisa wanted to stay in the same room. Because they both don’t really like sleeping with strangers in one room. 

Lukely for them, the teachers said yes, just because of one thing. David is gay. 

So the teachers said yes. So they drive there via Bus, and once they are there. There is all dark and all full with Forest. So it’s in the middle of nowhere.  

The first day they check into the weird Hotel. There is just one old Lady working there. She seems weird. The hotel room is old and stinky. But lets make the best out of it.  

After the first night, the class and the teachers went to the village, there where just a few people, and they all seemed upsessed of something they all fulfilled non stop. 

The teachers told the students that they could look a little, but should not go to far. 

David and Lisa went a little into the forest. And then they saw a huge castle when they looked better it seemed lika a monastery. They were interested in going to it, but then the teacher yelled, okay, enough. All come back. 

After that they all went back to the hotel. And had food. It was just cane food.  

Then the students where allowed to go to their rome for the rest of the evening.  David and Lisa tried so hard, but the monastery didn’t go out of their heads. 

So they decided to leave the hotel, and go to the monastery. As they tried to leave someone said hey. They both looked. And there was James, a Student of their class. 

David has a crush on James since a long time, but James is straight. 

James asked them where are they going, David and Lisa where honest. And James wanted to go with them. 

David didn’t really like it because it feels not good to go with someone you have a crush on, but that person is straight. 

But they took him with them, because if not. James would say it the teacher. 

And so they went to the monetary ......

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